Custom Order Jewelry

Creating a Unique Experience

We believe jewelry can be a special object that reflect the personality of the wearer. Starting with a spark of idea, the design and process of custom jewelry brings you closer to the creation and let you create something that is uniquely yours.

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Custom Jewelry

Our studio can accommodate custom design jewelry specially made for you. Contact us to bring the design that you always dream about to life.

We start with an inquiry from customer and our staff will help you to elaborate what is right for you. Then we can make an accurate quote as well as any drawing for you to consider. There is no charge for this process and the quote.

After approval, we will begin fabrication as well as any prototype needed to refine the design. We can work within your schedule to create the jewelry during your holiday visit.

Daimond platinum engagement ring

The final jewelry is ready for pickup including shop certificate and lab diamond certificate if applicible. You can claim VAT tax back from the final price of the purchase at the airport if traveling outside of Thailand or flying back after the order.

Recently l had some very sentimental rings redesigned by the Team at Nova. l honestly could not have asked for better service.You are all a credit to your industry. thank you so much.

Sandi / Facebook

I have been going to Chiang Mai for many years and discovered Nova Collection just walking past their shop. What a discovery! I have returned time and time again to look at their work, to take a jewelry class, and to custom order two rings.

Susanna / TripAdvisor

The ring couldn’t have turned out better, and we wouldn’t choose to get it any other way. The ring is exactly the way we wanted it, and was cheaper than the version we found in America, even though the one Nova made us is much higher quality.

Leah / Google Maps