Beginner’s Silver Jewelry Class

NOVA Jewelry workshop are designed for the complete beginner. With experienced instructor and small class setting, we will ensure you have an enjoyable time and leave the workshop with new skills and beautiful handmade jewelry. Classes can be booked for 1 day and upto 5 days on any weekdays. Experience the process of crafting unique jewelry pieces created by you.


  • Learn to craft your own silver jewelry such as rings or pendants.
  • Hands on projects with techniques from forming shapesto surface finishing.
  • Small class sizes up to 7 people per day in a fully equip silver jewelry workshop.
  • English speaking instructor with 20+ years experience in silversmithing.
  • Flexible course from 1 day up to 5 days. Make your own silver jewelry in just 1 day !
  • Whole day 5 hr. class from 9:30am – 3:30pm with 1 hour lunch break.

Available Dates

Class available by booking on every Monday – Friday (Please inquire for group booking).

Course Fees

  1. day workshop is 1,750 Baht (approx. US$ 56)
  2. days workshop is 3,400 Baht (approx. US$109)
  3. days workshop is 5,100 Baht (approx. US$164)
  4. days workshop is 6,700 Baht (approx. US$216)
  5. days workshop is 8,200 Baht (approx. US$264)

Material Costs

Silver material cost is separate from the course fee.
Silver is 40 baht / gm. measure from the finished jewelry (Average ring band is about 250-500 Baht) (about 7-15 US$)

Example Projects

Sterling Silver Pendant

For the pendant project you may start with a design in mind or choose from several predetermined designs. Through direct interaction with the materials and tools and with instruction from the teacher you will learn the following techniques.

  • Piercing/ drilling
  • Sawing out graphic shapes
  • Filing and refining forms
  • Forming a silver dome
  • Silver polishing and surfacing

Sterling Silver Ring

Learning to make a perfect circular form is one of the most basic and important skills in jewelry making. In this project you will learn to form a perfect silver ring from silver sheet or wire.

  • How to determine the size of a ring for any individual.
  • Torch techniques for soldering.
  • How to form sheet or wire into a perfect circular form.
  • Surface decoration and texturing techniques. Metal finishing and polishing.

3rd Day Stone Setting

Stone setting can be one of the most demanding and rewarding aspects of jewelry making. After completing the first 2 projects you will learn the follow technique for the bezel stone setting method

  • How to select a stone for trouble free bezel setting
  • Design considerations for bezel stone setting
  • How to solder a bezel setting on to a ring or pendant
  • The techniques and tools for bezel setting

Booking Policy

  • Class is available Monday – Friday.
    Regular class time from 9:30 am – 3:30 pm.
  • Class bookings can be rescheduled to a later date.
    There is no refund for cancellation.
  • To finalize the booking, class payment can be made in advance in person or online.
  • Class booking is available for next day and up to 1 month in advance.
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Frequently Asked Question

Do you have a stone setting class ? 

Stone setting with bezel setting is included in 3-5 days class. 

I only have 1 day in town, can I take the class on Saturday/Sunday ?

Class on weekends maybe available by request for group booking.
Please send an inquiry if interested and our staff will contact you back.